Urban Jersey: Change your clothes. Change the world.

Urban Jersey: Change your clothes. Change the world.

Urban Jersey embodies a deeper, more connected way of life. It’s actually a first step to transform the world. Yes, it sounds very dramatic! Let me explain, however.

The pandemic made most of us more self aware. Not just as individuals but more importantly, as members of wider communities.

For example choosing to wear organic cotton isn’t only good for you because it feels very soft on your skin. It’s also good for the environment because it reduces water usage by 91% compared to regular cotton. Finally the new Urban Jersey Collection is made in factories in Bangladesh that are supervised by the FairWear Foundation. This ensures workers are paid above minimum wage and can enjoy some of what us westerners take for granted such as being paid for overtime, being able to join a union, etc. That’s pretty much a tiny, easy first step to changing the world don’t you think?

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